Droreth‘s orthodontics division is representing leading companies in the field and marketing a line of leading, world renowned products.

Droreth is proud to represent Forestadent in Israel. Forestadent was founded in Germany in 1907, and its name is synonymous with high-quality in producing orthodontics products. With over 30 years of research and development experience and over 240 patents granted in this field, Forestadent’s wide line of products is distributed in over 70 countries around the world. Droreth represents Forestadent in Israel since 2006, and professionally markets its products to healthcare institutes, universities and orthodontists.

Ixion Instruments is another company Droreth represents, Ixion’s instruments are produced in England, and are well known for their maximum comfort, build quality and usability. Ixion never compromises when it comes to materials and finish.

Droreth also imports and distributes products by Task, a Japanese company that specialized in dental equipment in general and is known for the strength and flexibility of their orthodontic and surgical products.

Droreth‘s orthodontics division offers the services of a medical secretary who provide in-depth product consulting. The team also includes a field agent that works directly with our clientele, which includes orthodontists, healthcare institutions and universities across Israel.

The dentistry department sponsors many educational events in the field, and brings world-class doctors and speakers to educate and interact with the local doctors.

To learn more about our products and upcoming events, please reach out to us using our contact page.