Chinese Medicine

Droreth‘s Chinese Medicine department imports and distributes Chinese formulas, therapists’ equipment and naturopathic products.

The Kan Herb Company has been represented in Israel by Droreth since 2004. Kan Herb Company is a world renowned manufacturer of formulas, herbs and equipment for the Chinese medicine practice. The products are manufactured using a water and alcohol extraction method in order to produce the highest percentage of concentrated active component to the liquid volume. Kan Herb Company’s leading pharmacist is a PhD in the fields of both chemistry and pharmacy with over 40 years of experience. Combining modern medicine production processes in the production of classic formulas ensures that there are no unwanted byproducts, which is often the case in less precise modern commercial methods.

The Chinese medicine department offers additional exclusively distributed formulas, as well as high quality equipment for therapists. All products are based on ancient Chinese knowledge, combined with additions originated in the western medicine, and years of modern experience in this field.

The Department includes a professional expert who is always available for our clients to consult with and helps educate them. We also employ a field agent who addresses customer needs all across the country.

Our team has profound professional knowledge in the Chinese medicine field, and will be more than willing to provide the needed medical and professional information, as well as the technical support and guidance.

For further information regarding our products and services and to learn more, please reach out to us using our contact page.