About Us

Droreth Ltd. was established in 1949, as a pharmaceutical and drugs distributor. Since 1988, Droreth is run by Mr. Joseph Matzkel, a certified pharmacist with a B.A. in business management.

Over the years we have expanded beyond pharmaceuticals to include medical supplies and additional equipment. We focus on identifying exceptional products with a strong fit to the unique Israeli market. We build long lasting relationships with the companies we represent in Israel, built on trust.

Droreth has an extensive experience of excellent service, and a skilled, kind and reliable staff. We work hard to maintain our good reputation.

Our Mission
To serve our clients with the best medical supplies available, providing the highest customer-focused standards.
Our Method
identify unique products which make people healthier and happier, and represent our partners in the local market, as a natural extension of their presence and strategy.
Our Promise
To operate with honesty and absolute commercial integrity, and to be there for you every step of the way!